The attorneys of Davidson Backman Medeiros PLLC are leading bankruptcy lawyers, practicing under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13.  Davidson Backman Medeiros also has substantial experience with complex receivership cases and the enforcement of creditors’ rights. Davidson Backman Medeiros provides thoughtful representation to parties in bankruptcy proceedings and creditor-debtor litigation, and offers creative solutions to borrowers and guarantors through negotiated solutions to troubled debt obligations.

Relief For Individuals

We relieve consumer debt for individuals through personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Personal bankruptcy offers a fresh start, and a second chance in life. We also represent borrowers and guarantors in commercial litigation, foreclosures, and the restructuring of commercial loans.

Relief For Businesses

We relieve business debt through reorganization under Chapter 11 and Chapter 12, and through out of court workouts of commercial debt. We also serve as state court receivers for the management of assets under court supervision pending the resolution of business disputes, or during the sale of assets.

Creditor Solutions

We provide solutions to creditors in bankruptcy cases by recovering collateral, enforcing loan obligations, and maximizing distributions from the estate. We also represent creditors’ committees in cases under Chapter 11, and represent creditors and equity holders in receivership cases.


Receivership can be faster, less contentious, and less costly than a case under Chapter 11. The receiver is an officer of the Court, and serves as an advocate for the interests of creditors and equity holders. Creditors and equity holders will often recover more through a receivership than through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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