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Although we are known as Spokane bankruptcy lawyers, we help clients in bankruptcy, receivership and litigation throughout Washington and Idaho.

Spokane Bankruptcy Lawyers – Personal and Business Bankruptcy.

As Spokane bankruptcy lawyers, we see the need for relief when individuals or business owners cannot meet their financial obligations.  And we’ve learned that the inability to meet outstanding bills can extract a suffocating physical and mental toll.

Fortunately, the bankruptcy laws provide relief for people and businesses that have suffered financial reversals, and need relief from the stress of excessive debt.  The bankruptcy laws can eliminate that stress, and protect the rights of individuals and businesses that need a fresh start, or need to restructure their debt.

We know how to help individuals and businesses resolve financial issues in a way that works for them.  Our clients often feel immediate relief for themselves and their families as soon as they understand that they can have a brand new future.

We consider the representation of parties in a personal bankruptcy case to be a high calling, requiring important and thoughtful legal work. We are equally comfortable representing businesses in Chapter 11, and we know how to manage the issues that come with a bankruptcy mega-case.  No matter how many dollars are at stake, the legal principles remain the same, together with the importance of personal service and a favorable outcome.

Creditors’ Rights in Bankruptcy

We also know how to represent the interests of creditors that have a stake in the outcome of a bankruptcy case.  The same laws that provide protection for debtors also provide protection for the interests of creditors.

We represent lenders as creditors in bankruptcy cases.  We ensure that creditors’ rights are enforced at every stage of a bankruptcy proceeding, with those rights asserted as contested matters or adversary proceedings when appropriate.  When representing creditors, our goal is to recover as much of their claims as possible through legal efforts that are as efficient as possible.

We are also experienced in providing counsel to creditors’ committees under Chapter 11 in Washington and Idaho.  Creditors’ committees, properly organized and counseled, can impact the course of a Chapter 11 case, and increase the recovery for all unsecured creditors. We have the background to guide creditors committees in the discharge of their duties under Chapter 11.


We are recognized as capable and creative state court receivers.  We also represent other receivers and parties to receivership cases. Receivership is often a viable and efficient alternative to bankruptcy proceedings.

The Washington receivership statute provides for an automatic stay to become effective upon the appointment of a receiver, with protection that is very similar to a bankruptcy stay.  The receiver is an agent of the Court that is accountable as a fiduciary for the operation of receivership assets, and the disposition of such assets with Court approval.

We have served as receivers in many settings.  We have managed multi-million dollar properties as well as small retail businesses.  In the course of our receivership experience, we have recovered and returned millions of dollars to investors.  We welcome the opportunity to serve as receiver when an independent fiduciary is required to protect the interests of stakeholders in financially distressed or deadlocked businesses.


Although much of our best work is done outside of a courtroom, we are experienced litigators.  We represent parties in commercial and contract litigation in the state courts, the bankruptcy courts, and the federal district courts of Washington and Idaho.  In addition to property disputes, frequent areas of litigation include breach of contract; fraud; and issues regarding physicians credentialing or discipline.

We are also experienced in the litigation of receivership issues, such as whether a receiver should be appointed; claims arising from insider misconduct; and the recovery of improper transfers.

Bankruptcy litigation can include issues arising under state law, or issues that are unique to bankruptcy proceedings.  Contested matters include motions for relief from stay; motions for abandonment; claims litigation; administrative issues; and plan feasibility and confirmation.  We are experienced in those issues, as well as the avoidance and recovery of preferences and fraudulent transfers.

We provide seasoned counsel in bankruptcy litigation through years of prosecuting and defending avoidance actions; asserting and defending claims objections; and participating in many confirmation hearings as counsel to the debtor in possession.


We represent clients in bankruptcy proceedings of all types and sizes. Our firm was built on the representation of parties in bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Bankruptcy provides a form of social insurance, with immediate relief and benefits. We are a debt relief agency under federal law, and we are proud to represent parties in financial distress,

Creditors' Rights

We enforce the rights of lenders in state court and in bankruptcy proceedings. We collect personal and commercial loans, and bring suit for money judgment and the recovery of collateral. We also enforce creditors’ rights in bankruptcy by securing relief from the bankruptcy stay, and representing creditors’ committees under Chapter 11.


We represent lenders in state court and in bankruptcy proceedings. We collect defaulted loans, and bring suit for money judgment and the recovery of collateral. We also enforce creditors’ rights in bankruptcy by securing relief from the bankruptcy stay, and representing creditors’ committees under Chapter 11.


We serve as receivers in state court receivership cases, managing assets for the benefit of creditors, investors, and equity holders. We also represent other receivers, and represent parties to statutory assignments for the benefit of creditors and receivership cases.

We are Spokane bankruptcy lawyers by nature, and we obtain results for our clients by design. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss how we could help you, or to learn more about the relief that bankruptcy may provide. We’re Spokane bankruptcy lawyers with a long reach, and we’re ready to help.

  • Barry has just finished up a very complex bankruptcy for me and I am so happy that he represented me. Above all, he treated me as a man with a brand new future, not as a failed business.  

    I am so happy that he represented me
  • Bruce is a practical and skilled practitioner. He is thorough and focused. He is a problem solver while being an advocate for his client.  

    Bruce is a practical and skilled practitioner
  • I found Aaron to be very knowledgeable of the subject matter. He has great communication skills, and was able to successfully manage our time and financial resources. He was understanding, and responsive to our case resolution.

    I found Aaron to be very knowledgeable
  • Mr. Goforth has proven to be a very intelligent, qualified and reliable attorney. He is current with the laws. Answers all calls or emails if able or return calls promptly. He is very open to all your concerns and issues. He personally cares about you and your case. His attention to detail and his very thorough follow through has brought a level of complete comfort for me personally and my organization.

    Mr. Goforth has proven to be a very intelligent, qualified and reliable attorney.
  • Barry was a lifesaver. He helped me keep my head while going through a very difficult time. He was very efficient, he worked within the budget I had available and provided flawless advice and guidance. I would hire Barry again in a heartbeat.

    Barry was a lifesaver
  • Jeremy was the first lawyer I spoke to and was happy with how informative and at ease he made it for me. He asked me for he needed and I gave the information. It was really that easy. Now I have a great new start to my financial standing and better off than I ever was before.  Thank you Jeremy!

    I have a great new start
  • Jeremy and his staff are absolutely first rate. He gave us a free consult that was extremely informative. He walked us through the foreclosure procedures and time frames. His advice and his knowledge of the process was flawless. All responses to correspondence were lightning fast. Jeremy's rates are very reasonable and his billing procedure is more than fair. We could not be happier with our decision to retain Jeremy and give him our absolute highest recommendation.

    We could not be happier with our decision to retain Jeremy
  • Mr. Davidson provided exceptional service. He was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Barry was able to secure a speedy relief from stay so that we could meet our foreclosure sale deadline. Thanks Barry! We highly recommend him and will use him again!  

    We highly recommend him
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